The website works like a charm and no issues. It would be Pocket Option ट्रेडिंग प्लेटफॉर्म क्या है? helpful if bwcktesting is made available. But the biggest problem is this app never, ever works on my phone. It is really frustrating because if I am out, I cant see the status of profit or loss for option trades that have two or more legs. You must look into this.

Binance Launches Vanilla Options Trading Platform

Risk warning: Before placing an options order, please ensure that you have full knowledge of our options product (for more details please refer to our FAQ) and you have adequate free margin in your Vanilla Options wallet balance to pay for the premium. When you buy in an option, all the premium you pay for the option will be a loss in the event you cannot get profit from the execution of this option; when you sell out an option, any reverse fluctuation of the market price will lead to a margin call, and your account would be liquidated if you failed to provide additional collateral in a timely manner. Market price may fluctuate from time to time, therefore there is no guarantee that the price displayed will be the exact price that you execute at. The information here should not be regarded as financial or investment advice from Binance. All trading strategies are used at your discretion and your own risk. Binance will not be liable to you for any loss that might arise from your use of Options.

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Pocket Option ट्रेडिंग प्लेटफॉर्म क्या है?

हम रोज़मर्रा के आधार पर जानकारी का उपभोग करते हैं

जानकारी अक्सर झूठी और जोड़-तोड़ वाली होती है

जानबूझकर छलपूर्ण

अरबों लोगों को खरबों डॉलर में बदल दिया जाता है

आपकी व्यक्तिगत जानकारी पहले से ही किसी और के कब्ज़े में है

लेकिन यह बदलने वाला है। हम - 1984 समूह इतिहास के क्रम को बदलने के लिए यहाँ हैं

आधुनिक सॉफ्टवेयर आप पर जासूसी कर रहा है

इसे खत्म होना चाहिए

आधुनिक तकनीक और कृत्रिम बुद्धिमत्ता आपको अपने आप से बेहतर जानती है

योग्य प्रतिघात का समय आ गया है!

हमें यह समझना होगा कि नतीजा कुल निगरानी की दुनिया है

और इसे रोकें

Utopia पारितंत्र (ईकोसिस्टम) - विकेन्द्रित और अविनाशी

1984 ग्रुप की टीम द्वारा आपके लिए बनाया गया।

हम कौन है? वे हमें अज्ञात कहते हैं।

कैटेगरी चुनें:

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Sensibull for Options Trading 4+

Sensibull is India’s first and biggest Options Trading Platform. Here is what we have:

- Super-simple and low-risk Options and Strategies for beginners
- Options Strategy Builder for Experts to build and analyse Advanced Options Strategies
- NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, and NSE Stocks Options. And USDINR (Dollar) Options.
- NSE Option Chain, Open Interest Analysis, FII DII Analysis, Option price calculators, Intraday F&O Charts, Implied Volatility (IV) Charts, Futures Data.
- Options Data such as Option Greeks, Put Call Ratio (PCR), IndiaVix
- Real-time price and P&L alerts on Whatsapp
- A lot of free Options Learning Video Tutorials
- Trade options with real money, or learn and practice with Virtual trading without real money
- Ready-Made Options Strategies such as call spreads, put spreads, straddles, strangles, iron condor, iron butterflies, ratio spreads, etc.

क्या नया है

Bug fixes & improvements.

रेटिंग और समीक्षाएँ


Nice platform to analyse options strategy but few improvements suggestions are there such as:
1) IV Charts not visible in mobile app, same May be implemented.
2) Multi-strike OI interface also not good for mobile app, it is good for PC but sensibull may take necessary steps to make it good for mobile app as well.
3) Sometimes while analysing options Greeks for some strike price it suddenly show all geeks zero due to which sometimes we face difficulty in implementing strategy.

डेवलपर की प्रतिक्रिया ,

Hi, thank you for your valuable suggestions and for alerting us with your concern. Could you please share a screen recording of the error with respect to the options greeks at [email protected] along with your contact details. We will get back to you with a Pocket Option ट्रेडिंग प्लेटफॉर्म क्या है? resolution.

What to add to get five stars and make Sensibull a one stop shop.

1. Please add backtesting facility for checking how our proposed strategies would have played out in the past.
2. Restrict capital available for virtual trade and include stoploss and target price fields. This will make it more realistic.
3. In Strategy builder - Include approximate transaction charges (brokerage, exchange charges, STT, GST, stamp duty etc) payable on the proposed strategy. If not possible as every broker has its own pricing and your customers are in various states, give me data fields where I can enter these and keep it standard for all my strategies
4. In Position - include a field for transaction charge paid/payable on exit. This will tell me whether I am actually in cash profit.
5. Include a Price vs OI graph for a specific strike in the Open interest tab. Here you can include average traded price, PCR and IV change as well. With this I would know whether option sellers are staying put or running for cover for that specific strike.

There are many more. This is just the starting point.

Please see if you can include these.

The app never works on Pocket Option ट्रेडिंग प्लेटफॉर्म क्या है? iphones

The website works like a charm and no issues. It would be helpful if bwcktesting is made available. But the biggest problem is this app never, ever works on my phone. It is really frustrating because if I am out, I cant see the status of profit or loss for option trades that have two or more legs. You must look into this.

ऐप गोपनीयता

डेवलपर Sensibull ने बताया है कि ऐप के गोपनीयता संबंधी व्यवहारों में नीचे दिए गए वर्णन के अनुसार डेटा का उपयोग शामिल हो सकता है। अधिक जानकारी के लिए डेवलपर Pocket Option ट्रेडिंग प्लेटफॉर्म क्या है? की गोपनीयता नीति देखें।

आपसे जुड़ा हुआ डेटा

निम्न डेटा एकत्रित किया जा सकता है और आपकी पहचान से जोड़ा जा सकता है :

गोपनीयता संबंधी तौर-तरीक़े अलग-अलग हो सकते हैं; उदाहरण के तौर पर, वे आपके द्वारा उपयोग किए जाने वाले फ़ीचर्स या आपकी उम्र के आधार पर विभिन्न हो सकते हैं। अधिक जानें

संगतता iPhone iOS 12.0 या बाद का संस्करण आवश्यक है। iPad iPadOS 12.0 या बाद का संस्करण आवश्यक है। iPod touch iOS 12.0 या बाद का संस्करण आवश्यक है।

रेटिंग: 4.22
अधिकतम अंक: 5
न्यूनतम अंक: 1
मतदाताओं की संख्या: 526